Epilogue of Heroes, Part II

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A continuation of Part I. No, I don’t have character called Captain Obvious.

The name was already taken.

Yesteryear Titan

Ol’ Daddy Long Legs

YesteryearTitanNot long after Rosie Raina’s transformation, Reginald Butler decided he really was getting too old for this kind of superhero nonsense.  He devoted his time to being the best godfather he could be for the girl as she grew up.

He never retired the magic girdle which gave him his strength and invulnerability, instead putting it to other uses besides “bashing about.” He lent his muscle to the efforts to rescue the surviving civilians and Carnival of Light from Praetoria after its destruction, then later began working full-time for one of the construction companies rebuilding Overbrook and other areas of Paragon City damaged in the Praetorian War.

ODLLReggie did make one final go at being a hero, attempting to free his half-brother Augustus Bernard Crenshaw from Arachnos’ clutches. One of the first Crab Spiders ever created, Arachnos had been keeping the old man in service because they were unable to duplicate the effect of the super serum prototype he’d been given, and were using his blood as a template for further experiments.

It was a Pyrrhic victory at best. Even though Reggie was able to beat back everything Arachnos threw at him with ease, Bernie simply didn’t want to go. He knew damn well what Arachnos was doing, but the Rogue Isles were his home. He had nowhere else to go. Not knowing what else to do, Reggie made a Devil’s Deal with Marshal Blitz and had Bernie taken to Warburg where he could at least be with other former Arachnos soldiers like himself, in exchange for continued experimentations to help find a cure for the Marshal’s cancer. As long as they keep the old soldier in Dominican cigars, he’s just fine with the arrangement.

Shattered Star

ShatteredStarDespite having an onboard AI program literally a hundred years beyond any modern technology specifically tasked with plotting shifts in the space-time continuum, the Praetorian War was a complete blindside to Sarah Masterson. She was so focused on the Rikti threat that she simply never saw it coming. While she was able to help the fight on the streets of Praetoria and its hidden Wards, the war was over before she had the opportunity to help take the fight to the Praetors.

RisenStarShe did, however, discover that there was another version of herself existing in Praetoria, one that had been found by Praetor Berry, fixed up and made into a loyal soldier. The technological advances that were made because of her Praetorian self were disturbing. Shattered Star tasked herself with tracking down other dimensions that had other versions of herself that had fallen backward through time in order to prevent anything like that happening again. After extensive searching with Portal Corp’s help, only one other such concurrence was found, one whose life had been saved by a Kheldian when she had been violently thrown back in time and had left Earth to fend off the approach of Battalion with the Peacekeepers.

With nothing left to do and her own future timeline irreparably altered, Sarah donated all the money  she had saved over the years to Priam Laboratories in return for the laborious process of undoing her full cyborg conversion. The process took nearly two decades even with their bleeding edge technology,  but Sarah was able to live out her autumn years once again as the flesh and blood woman she was born as.

Agent Delta

DeltaStephen Deltano had been on the front lines of the Praetorian War from the moment it has started, and he was there to see Emperor Cole’s downfall along with countless metas that had answered the call to end the war once and for all. For all of his efforts, he  was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and a complete exoneration of all past records. But none of that changed the fact that he was still dying.

The radioactive isotope he had been poisoned with by the Agency had destabilized his mutant plasma generating ability almost beyond repair. The biosignature suit developed by Miranda Garren and DTP only delayed the inevitable. Deltano was literally a walking, ticking nuclear time bomb. Something radical had to be done.

Deltano decided to undergo an extremely dangerous open heart surgery, replacing his fusion reactor of a heart with an artificial one of his own design using parts of advanced technology (and, though he told no one, a few bits of magic as well) he had salvaged during the war. By all rights, it shouldn’t have worked, least of all at the size of a human heart. And it might not have if the operation hadn’t gone south fast and Miranda hadn’t broken their pact to keep the operation a complete secret and called Dr. Bella Parker in to help—who was absolutely livid that she hadn’t been there from the beginning.

The reason for all the secrecy was the Agency. Deltano knew that if they caught wind that he was out of the picture, even temporarily, that they’d use that as all the excuse they needed to declare the contract he’d bartered with them years ago  null and void, as would be the lives of everyone under his command. To that end, Deltano talked his best friend and second-in-command Charlie Duke into pulling the most insane long con they’d ever pulled: his Praetorian self, whom Charlie had discovered when she joined the Resistance there, would masquerade as Agent Delta until he could make a full recovery.

ArbiterThough the operation was a success and the artificial heart saved his life, Delta’s plasma-generating ability and super speed were greatly diminished. He took this as a cue to step down from active field work and run things more ‘behind the scenes’.  After tendering a rather explosive resignation of his Arachnos Arbiter position—a robot duplicate made by Jinlan Wu in his Arbiter armor, stuffed to the brim with C4 and marched into the Watchtower—Deltano had a yacht constructed (with some very discreet funding from several companies operating out of Paragon City) to serve as a mobile command center for the entire NWO. Now free from any jurisdictional boundaries, Deltano is free to strike out against the Agency with his full might, as well as expand their mercenary services to a global audience. His Praetorian counterpart still works for him out in the field with Charlie Duke with no one the wiser that he’s literally in two places at once.

There’s a rumor amongst certain circles that Deltano’s surreptitious trips to Paragon City to visit Miranda Garren involve more than a friendly cup of coffee. Neither of them have been willing to discuss it.


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