And So It Begins (Again)

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Random Thoughts, Uncategorized

Truth be told, this isn’t my first blog. I’ve made several attempts at one before, from the days when LiveJournal was relevant to my own long-defunct web page to other aborted attempts at an author’s blog.


I’ll be honest, part of me still doesn’t “get” social media, despite having been online since the BBS days. I have some of the more modern trappings at my disposal—Facebook, Twitter and now this blog—but I’ve never truly embraced the idea of telling millions upon millions of total strangers all the boring minutiae of my life (in the words of Mario and Fafa, “I do not care that you spent three hours making almond-crusted sturgeon … And I think it’s stupid you took a picture of it.”) and my only Facebook friends are—brace yourself for a radical concept—actual friends that I’ve interacted with long before I was on Facebook.


But despite all of that, I do understand the importance of social media in the new millennium. It’s changed the way we interact with the world around us, how we gather information and how we conduct business. And it lets us distribute lolcats at the speed of thought.


So with all that in mind, I chose to take another stab at making an author’s blog. What’s different this time around is that I’m actually a published author now and have this crazy idea of doing it more than once. To that end, I’ll be using this blog to post various things I think relevant to that end—whether it be writing exercises, thoughts on people, places and things that affect my work or stream-of-conciousness ramblings. You never know what might turn up. I don’t either.


Don’t expect too much of it, either. like I said, I suck at this social media thing. But I’m getting there.
No, really.


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